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Goals of this project.

This application is planned as software, that suits my requirements for mail and USENET news reader. Other programs, like Netscape Messenger or MS Outlook Express, are not appropriate for different reasons. For example, Netscape Navigator has problems with character encodings and has no multi-account facilities. Mozilla Mail is great, but it is beta product yet. Ports from UNIX systems (trn, slrn) has great problem --- they do not support encodings.

I used Java for development. The main reason --- I love this language. :) You may hear, that Java GUI is slow, but look at Jext text editor --- this is great program, written in Java.

Other reason for Java --- there is lot of libraries for Java. I plan to use Swing, JavaMail, XML libraries, and other.

Now this program is in planning stage, now you can read documentation that is useful for developing Aleph.

Ivan I. Boldyrev
UIN: 22535409